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About The
Colorado Quilting Council 

Mission Statement 

The Colorado Quilting Council, Inc. (CQC) is a non-profit statewide organization whose objective is to assist in preserving the heritage of quilting, to be a source of information and inspiration, and to encourage a high standard of excellence in quilting and related arts.

Our Story

In the Summer of 1978 on the back steps of the Burns Memorial Church in Aurora, Colorado, a small group of women attending a Quilt Symposium that was less than ideal, decided that they wanted to be a stronger voice for quilting in Colorado. So The Colorado Quilting Council was born. Betty McGahhey, Shirley Sanden, Janet Lyles, Marjorie Kerr, and Auriel Sandstead agreed to hold the first meeting on July 28, 1978 at the Hiwan Homestead in Evergreen, Colorado. The meeting information was spread by word of mouth since social media wasn't even thought of in 1978 and so 26 women gathered to create CQC. They each put $10.00 in the treasury, committees were discussed and a bylaw committee was formed. It was decided that the Council would meet on the 4th Saturday of each month around the state of Colorado and become a statewide quilting council. The group met in August and added 13 more members, in September 13 more members and in October another 15 members. At the December 2nd meeting, Denver had a major blizzard, but 10 brave ladies arrived at the Denver Federal Center for the meeting. There wasn't a quorum, so there was no formal business meeting. The first election of officers was held at the January 1979 meeting. The first slate of officers was President- Auriel Sandstead, 1st Vice President-June Ryker, 2nd Vice President-Francine Nixon, Secretary-Marion Walker, and Treasurer-Janet Lyles. The bylaws were approved at the meeting. The first newsletter was published in January as well. It was a one-page typed newsletter copied in blue on a mimeograph machine. It was published by Dawn Sanden and Marge Kerr. It included a pattern by June Ryker for a "project quilt". It was made of light and dark scraps. If people didn't have a project of their own to work on at the meetings they were encouraged to bring their "scraps, needle, thread and lend a hand." We have been going strong for the past 45 years and we have these 67 ladies to thank for the vision of a statewide guild. Through their hard work they achieved this purpose and vision.


I wanted to let you know what a success the Kid's Day was for my granddaughter. She is 6 years old with no experience in the sewing room. The craft booths were appropriate for her and she didn't put them down until bedtime. Apparently, all she talked about at dinner was her day at CQC. We already have a project for our sew day in my sewing room.

Gayla Kenyon

Thank you so much for coming over to our Mom's house this afternoon and for the pointers and suggestions on how to deal with the quilting supplies. This has been such an emotional time and we're trying out best to honor Mom by dealing with her things in as thoughtful a manner as possible.


We recently received two wonderful quilts that were donated to us by CQC. We would like to thank you membership for their part in making these two quilts.
Jacque Schneider, President, Firehouse Quilts of Colorado

River Bridge Regional Center would like to thank you for your generous in kind donation of a beautiful quilt, and for your commitment to support our community's advocacy center.

Blythe Chapman, Executive Director

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