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CQC General Meetings

The monthly general meeting schedule and information about the planned speakers is listed in the Upcoming Meetings section below. In 2024, the hybrid meetings accommodate both in-person and online attendees.

Next General Meeting is April 27th

Registration begins at 9:30 am

Meeting begins at 10 am 

Meeting location:

Central United Methodist Church, 4373 Galley Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80915

May 18th Meeting: 

Waterstone Community Church, 5890 S. Alkire Street, Littleton, CO 80127 


June 22nd Meeting: 

Grand Junction, location TBD

"Members Only" link for meetings are available here:

CQC Board Meetings

All CQC members are invited to attend board meetings at 6 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held via Zoom. 

"Members Only" link for meetings are available here:


10 a.m. Saturday, April 27th 2024 Hybrid Meeting via Zoom and in person at Central United Methodist Church 4373 Galley Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Cynthia England is a native Texan and graduate of the Art Institute of Houston and has been creating quilts for more than fifty years. Experimentation with quilting techniques led her to develop her own unique style and technique called, “Picture Piec-ing”. Cynthia’s quilts have been honored with many awards, including three Best of Shows at the prestigious International Quilt Association, as well as Viewer’s Choice at the American Quilter’s Society. Her quilt, Piece and Quiet was distinguished as one of the Hundred Best Quilts of the 20th Century.
Cynthia teaches and lectures nationally and internationally. To date, she has shared her techniques at quilting events in South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Canada, Australia, Spain and Mexico. She is the designer and owner of England Design Studios which is a publishing/pat-tern company which specializes in the “Picture Piecing” technique. Visit her website and watch the free videos which explain her process.


10 a.m. Saturday, May 18th Hybrid Meeting via Zoom and in person at Waterstone Community Church, 5890 S. Alkire Street, Littleton, CO 80127

This lecture gives an overview of my process for coming up with simple graphic quilt designs, starting
with stitched paper models (called maquettes). I show examples of how to translate an architectural photo into a
quilt design and have many samples of mini quilts I created using this process. The techniques I present are also
great for making unique modern quilt block designs. I also talk about walking foot quilting and how to break free
from stitch in the ditch.

David Owen Hastings is a quilter, graphic designer, print and textile artist, and a former President of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. I create contemporary art and modern minimal quilt and textile designs. My creative approach to modern quilting
has led to a busy schedule of workshops and lectures on quilting, branding for artists, art and textile techniques.

CQC June Beth Helfter - headshot.jpg

10 a.m. Saturday, June 22nd 2024 Hybrid Meeting via Zoom and in person at: Grand Junction, location TBD.

What happens when you have a designer who not only wants to be as scrappy as possible but also hates wasting fabric? Well, all sorts of things, because that's pretty much the definition of scrappy. But I took it one step further, and figured out a way to create HSTs that don't have a twin, and waste no fabric, by sewing HSTs in "accordions". Add another step and you can sew the blocks for an entire quilt in individual accordions that come together almost like magic. It's the coolest thing I've ever come up with (if I do say) and you'll see the quilts from my books on method plus a few surprise treats. You'll wan to pick up your accordion and and join the oompah sensation! 

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