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Charity Quilting with the CQC

So many of you have been busy making blocks for Project Warm Hearts it's amazing. Thank you. Project Coordinator Betsy Stewart is putting a call out for folks who will stitch blocks into quilt tops and those who can quilt completed tops. 

What's calling you? Give Betsy a call at 303-726-4675 or send her an email at to discuss how you can help. Every time you  contribute to Project Warm Hearts you earn more opportunities for your name to be among those who receive a quilt for their favorite charity.

Modified Album Square Block Current Project Warm Hearts Block
This block is a modified version of the Album Square block published in the Bonnie Hunter “Addicted to Scraps” section of Quiltmaker magazine.  The original block has small squares set into the background triangles, but those have been eliminated to simplify the construction.  This block is also documented in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns as having been published in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine (Heirloom Plastics Catalog).
Instructions can be found in the CQC newsletter, Colorado Threads, or downloaded on this page.

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