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Effective July 2018, CQC membership provisions for new and renewing members have changed.  Below is the form for 2021.

  1. New membership levels have been added that allow members to participate more actively in financial support of CQC.  All membership level options are shown on the back of the new membership form.

  2. Members who prefer to receive newsletters by mail will pay $10 more per year in dues to pay for the printing and mailing costs.  (Basic membership with a mailed newsletter will be $45 per year.)

  3. Membership will be for 12 months from the initial anniversary date.  A reminder will be sent the month before the renewal date each year. No reduction in dues at the end of the calendar year will be available but membership will be for a full year.

Newsletters:  Colorado Threads is published 11 times a year.  The newsletter can be downloaded from the website ( by about the 10th of the month (except November/December when it is published about mid-November).  Online newsletters save CQC a great deal of money, members can access the newsletter earlier in the month, and the newsletter is in color.  If you prefer to receive a printed and mailed newsletter, be sure you select a membership level that includes a mailed newsletter.

Meetings:  Regular meetings are held the 4th Saturday of every month except September, November, and December.  Quilt-A-Fair takes the place of a September meeting and is held annually at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  November and December meetings are combined for the Annual Meeting the first Saturday in December. Meetings usually begin at 9:45 am and include a nationally recognized speaker, business meeting, Show & Tell, and a chance to meet quilters from throughout the state.

CQC Membership Form 2021 - Form is PDF. You may enter the information and then print for mailing.

More Information:

Website at

CQC Membership Chair, Pat Cleaveland, or 303-642-3338

A benefit of membership is access to the extensive CQC lending library.

Meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of the month in January through October. Our November and December meetings are combined and held on the first Saturday in December. Quilt-A-Fair is held in September, in lieu of that month’s meeting. Due to a conflict with the Memorial Day holiday, in some years our May meeting is held on the third Saturday.

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